2nd International Conference on Particle Physics

in Memoriam Engin Arık and Her Colleagues 

Doğuş University, İstanbul, Turkey

20 - 25 June 2011

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ICPP-Istanbul II

This is the second International Conference on Particle Physics  organized in memory of Engin Arık and her Colleagues Şenel Boydağ, İskender Hikmet, Mustafa Fidan, Berkol Doğan and Engin Abat, who lost their lives in a plane accident on November 30th, 2007 on their way to the workshop of the Turkish Accelerator Center Project.

The Conference aims to cover the following topics: LHC Physics and Tevatron Results, Neutrinos and Dark Matter, Particle Factories, Accelerator Physics and future TeV scale colliders.

The conference is intended to be repeated every two years in Istanbul as a Conference Series under the name "ICPP-Istanbul". The first conference was held between 27-31 October 2008 (ICPP-Istanbul I).

Proceedings of the conference will be published by the Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

Indico page at CERN: http://indico.cern.ch/event/icpp-istanbul

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  • Click here for the conference poster.

  • Click here for the booklet with timatable and abstracts.

  • Click here for the photos taken during the first day.

  • Click here for the online proceedings.

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